Edd Simmons is the starring character of the series. He featured in Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Teen Series.


Ben Hill is Edd's closest friend. He has blonde hair and wears red sneakers, blue jeans and a black shirt. He has similiar intelligence like Edd. Ben is the hansomest of the boys.


Jake Strifeman is the oaf of the teens (like Ed). However by is unitelligence, he knows how to keep his room clean and to stay out of trouble. He has blue sneakers, gray shorts and a red shirt.


Luke Jurundez is the exotic of the teens. He was born in Peru and his family moved to Mango Moat when he was four. He has a farm with peacocks, turkeys, geese and a water buffalo. He has black hair, brown skin and were black sandals, indigo jeans and a green shirt with a blue shape of Peru.


Michelle Ferry is the geek of the girls. She has black hair and wears black glasses, purple flip-flops, gray shorts and a hot pink shirt with a white stripe around the waist


Juliet Tori is the youngster. Only being eleven, she's not the most intelligent but is smarter than Jake. She has dyed blue hair and wears a dark purple shirt with a green peace sign, black sneakers and pink shorts. She is secretly a homosexual.


Sindy Denver is the sexiest of all the girls. She has brown hair and wears a black shirt with a pink heart, blue shorts and white sneakers. She also has love for Edd with angers the boys except Ben.


Shelby Denver is the quietest of the teens. He's antisocial and doesn't talk. He has brown hair, blue jeans and a gray shirt.


Coco is Shelby's super tiger reticulated python. He was rescued from a nest being attacked by a Komodo dragon in Indonesia.

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