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Full name: Anastasia Stephan.

Anastasia is one of Anastasia Stephan's cartoon versions of herself.

She is supposed to be one of the unseen residents of Peach Creek and unseen students of Peach Creek Junior High. She's around 15 years old.

Anastasia is the sister of the artist's other two cartoon versions, Deirdre and Laetitia.

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Anastasia conversing.


Different appearance.


Different appearance.

Anastasia is a loner who likes to spend most of her time not doing anything. She's described to be experienced background filling, and puts this talent to good use in "For Mel, Love Jon".

Anastasia is usually silent, but when she speaks she's not a pleasure for the ears. Her mouth makes a 2-frames "chomping" animation as she talks, and she always yells or screams her dialogue. Whenever she speaks "normal" it's usually to clarify or to summarize everything she's just said.

She is clever and a bit of a perfectionist, but at the same time very lazy. She always claims to be tired.

Anastasia also has the odd luck to discover people's darkest secrets, but since she has little to no interest in others, she never does anything with this information.
She is egocentric and a cheapskate. There isn't much she bothers herself with, besides Eddy, who she has a crush on.

She doesn't have any friends, as most people are scared of her.


Anastasia has an angry facial expression and is hardly seen smiling. She also has a lazy eye, which causes her to look more absent-minded than angry at times.

She has long, black hair, blue eyes, sharp teeth and a beauty mark on the left side of her neck. She wears a red spotted shirt that hangs on her shoulders, blue pants, and a crown necklace.


Anastasia lives together with her mother and two younger siblings in a rental home. These siblings are not Deirdre and Laetitia.

As they don't live together, it brings up the question if they're actually sisters.


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