Lee Kanker's father, as he was first designed.

Butch is Lee Kanker's father. He is designed by VampireMeerkat.
He made his first appearance in 2009.

Not much is known about him, besides that he's a show-off who likes to travel around on his motorcycle. He and Bebe had a relationship that only lasted a week, therefore he only played a small role in Bebe 's life.

His real name is "Benjamin" (Full name: Georges Benjamin).

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Benjamin is far from charming and is even described by others to be a creep. As he often spends his days luring at young/high school girls, people are distrustful of him and rather don't want him around.
He sees himself as a free spirit that should stay free. He is untrustworthy and saw his relationship with Bebe as a mere game.


He has a big posture, blond curly hair, brown eyes, and stubble on his face. He wears a dark blue shirt, black jacket, black shoes and green trousers.



From 2015, Butch tries to flatter Bebe with his ride.

Benjamin met Bebe at her high school during recess. He was 45 and she was 18 at the time. Whilst Bebe's friends warned her not to go, she approached him and was easily impressed by his rough appearance, motorcycle, and cheap compliments. As she was a rather unpleasant character herself and liked to bully students, they got along well.

From that moment he visited her at school every day and invited her on his motorcycle rides. As Bebe fully trusted him and believed he was her soul mate, she wasn't particularly upset when she discovered she was pregnant of him.
But after Benjamin was told the news, he made sure he was gone the next morning.

In An, Ann n Anny


From 2015, Bobby unknowingly draws Beth in with his savings.

Butch's genderbent version is named Beth.
Her real name is "Bernadette" (Full name: Bernadette Soubirous).

While Butch enjoys going after young girls and showing off his possessions, Beth likes to take disadvantage of men and receive money and gifts from them. Bobby was easily charmed by the scantily dressed Beth because she was scantily dressed; the properly dressed female students that attended his school did not compare to the older woman and her higher level of experience.
He too considered her to be his soul mate, and spent little money he had to buy her presents and asked for loans from the bank for the same purpose.

When Beth became pregnant of him and Bobby was eager to keep the baby, she had to stay with him for 9 months and pretend to be his devoted partner. But right after Tee was born, she got on the motorcycle Bobby got her and left him and her child behind.


  • "Butch" was a name portrayed on one of the three bathrobes the Kankers described to be "their father's" in the episode Nagged to Ed.

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