First sketch of Damy.

Damy is the "Ed, Edd n Eddy-fied" version of Damy the vampiremeerkat.

He lives outside the borders of Peach Creek. He's never attended any school, so was most likely homeschooled. He's 15 years old.

Unlike the character he is based on, Damy isn't a vampire, but no one has ever seen him eat or drink.

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Damy is intelligent and punctual, but gets easily annoyed. As a born loner, he doesn't like to be around other people and leads a very antisocial life in general. Deirdre is considered to be his only friend.

When alone or accompanied by Deirdre, he is usually rational, around others, he tends to become abusive. As he was raised to be rude and violent by his unpleasant mother, he is no longer able to handle any kind of company and is better left avoided. Deirdre is an exception, since she is the only person he shared a (positive) past with.

Damy's mother's treatment left him with braindamage, though it's not connected to his behaviour, which is purely a mental issue. While he's aware of his molded nature, he sees no reason to change his ways and has admitted to like being mean. Even so, when he was young, he had a noticeably different behaviour and inhabited kindness. After the death of his father at the age of 8 and his mother's reeducation the following 7 years, Damy lost himself.

Damy possesses the intellect and capability to hold many talents, but lacks the interest and motivation to do anything in life. As he also doesn't go to school, it's unknown how he spends his days when alone.
Deirdre spends most of her time playfully chasing Edd, as she was written to do, but she and Damy hang out together at every other moment. He is in love with Deirdre, but doesn't show any signs that he does.


As his brain suffered alot of direct abuse, Damy doesn't just suffer from mental damage, but also physical. He isn't able to relax his face and usually looks annoyed.
While this is the case and he has some rough features, he's considered to be rather handsome, as many girls unacquainted with him tend to approach him.

Damy has long, black, wavy hair in a ponytail, blue eyes, big black eyebrows, and wears a black t-shirt and blue trousers. He also misses a piece of his right ear.

Damy's design isn't final, as the original character's teenage appearance was different.


Damy lives alone. His mother disappeared and his father was, most likely, murdered by his mother. But this was not proven in court.

Nobody knows that he lives alone, including Deirdre, who's visited him multiple times.


  • Damy's backstory is similar to the original character's backstory, but heavily downplayed.

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