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Full name: Deirdre Stephan.

Deirdre is one of Anastasia Stephan's cartoon versions of herself.

She is supposed to be one of the unseen residents of Peach Creek and unseen students of Peach Creek Junior High. She's around 15 years old.

Deirdre is the sister of the artist's other two cartoon versions, Anastasia and Laetitia.

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Deirdre is cheerful, energic, and very hard to discourage. While she's often the object of ridicule, she doesn't seem bothered by mere words. Though it might be the case she's too dumb to feel insulted.

She has an unhealthy obsession for Edd, while she is friends with a boy named "Damy", who is described to be handsome, intelligent, and very interested in her.


Deirdre has long, blonde hair, blue eyes, big ears, wears a red sweater and blue pants.


Deirdre lives together with her mother and two older sisters. These sisters are not Anastasia and Laetitia.

As they don't live together, it brings up the question if they're actually sisters.


  • "Deirdre" is the artist's first name.
  • Concerning personality, Deirdre resembles the artist the least.
  • The design of Deirdre is based on the artist's first cartoon version of herself (officially created in 2000).
  • The name "Deirdre" belongs to an earlier character who was also supposed to represent the artist. (2004)

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