Ezeke 6

Ezeke from an animation by DarkenedSparrow.

IntertwinED - First Kiss With Subtitles

IntertwinED - First Kiss With Subtitles

Rolf and ezeke a questioning question by darkenedsparrow-d6eiky8 (5)

Ezeke's eyes.

Intertwined story preview cover by darkenedsparrow-d53nv23

Ezeke and Rolf on the cover of ''IntertwinED''.

Ezeke is a fan character created by DarkenedSparrow on deviantART.

Ezeke meets wilfred and victor by darkenedsparrow-d5f7acn

Ezeke meeting Rolf's animals.

He is Kevin's 13-year-old cousin and was raised with him in the Mountain Country. He is an androgynous male with long ginger hair that hides his eyes and is often mistaken for a girl because of it. Ezeke's eyes are hidden most of the time, but Rolf, his new and awkward friend, who has taken interest, coins the affectionate nickname for him ''Shy Eyes''.

Eddy s Book and the Kiss by DarkenedSparrow

Ezeke's early design (and apparently early love interest).

Sleep On Me by DarkenedSparrow

Early design.

Ed Crying and Random Sketches by DarkenedSparrow

Early design.

Intertwined my favorite frame edited by darkenedsparrow-d6ggnol

Rolf and Ezeke in a scene from ''IntertwinED''.

Kevin s Cousin by DarkenedSparrow

Ezeke and Kevin.

Ezeke and his parents by darkenedsparrow-d6dzad9

Ezeke's parents.

Rolf x ezeke letting go by darkenedsparrow-d6chz8j
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Rolf and Ezeke by DarkenedSparrow.

Rolf is the only one to this day who has seen Ezeke's eyes. Ezeke becomes close friends (and later romantically involved) with Rolf. Apparently, they share a kindred spirit in the ability to ''read'' people. They're also both connected with water and the fact that Ezeke bears a strong physical resemblance to the No Gender Nymph, a (made up) entity in Rolf's culture.

Ed edd n eddy ezeke profile study by darkenedsparrow-d50twe9

OC profile by DarkenedSparrow.


  • Ezeke's creator is the twin sister of Misjudgment, owner of Alex.
  • He is featured in the fan comics ''Bring Me To Ed'', ''IntertwinED'' (the story where he meets Rolf), and ''ArisED''.
  • In early development, he apparently had black hair and he used to be Ed's love interest.
  • He bears striking resemblance to Spell, another DarkenedSparrow OC. His early design and story with Ed may explain the origins of Spell.
  • In ''ArisED'' his Halloween costume consists of dressing up as the No Gender Nymph.
  • His eyes are blue.
  • His gender fluid behavior and love story with Rolf has caused much controversy.
  • He has been compared to Lee in the story, who doesn't relish him cramping her style.
    Eene magic madness monday boys by darkenedsparrow-d5eoteb (6)

    Ezeke's nymph costume in ''ArisED''.

    Eene spookyville peach creek lineup collab by darkenedsparrow-d5fgfgw (9)

    Ezeke's transformation in ''ArisED''. Art by Misjudgment.

    Eene boys movie night by misjudgment-d5ymw3q

    Ezeke and Rolf with the boys as depicted by Misjudgment.

    Eene while in hiding by darkenedsparrow-d2xk0q4

    Ezeke and Ed hiding in a cave, possibly a very early version of ''IntertwinED''.

    Rolf and ezeke eye to eye story preview by darkenedsparrow-d53f3mr

    An early version of the end scene of ''IntertwinED''.

    Bmte will be alright redone by darkenedsparrow-d6cwm56

    Rolf and Ezeke in a scene from ''Bring Me To Ed''.

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