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Frida in Season 1.

Frida "Sewer Rat" Wienerschnitzel is the local babe magnet of the Cul-de-Sac. She is cool, classy, and even epic at times. Despite being only 10 years of age she has been spotted driving tanks on several occasions, and is often seen carrying around her HK416 Assault Rifle.


Frida served as the main antagonist throughout Seasons 1-3, where she attempted to launch air-to-surface-missiles at her neighbors on several occasions. She managed to brutally curbstomp Rolf in the Season 3 finale after he made an offhand comment about her crocs, an incident which left his lower body completely paralyzed. After this, she was ostracized by her neighbours and decided to retreat to the the Cul-de-Sac construction site. She lived in a pile of scrap-metal for the remaining seasons.

Frida made a brief comeback in early Season 4, where she tried to join Anonymous but ended up getting doxed and was forced to go underground for the following eight episodes. She returned in the last episode of the Season where she beat Ed unconscious with a bat after he trespassed on her property.

In Season 5, after starting junior high, she tries to seize the role of principal by hiring a hitman. She is initially charged with attempted murder but gets away with a brief suspension after serving as her own lawyer throughout her trial. Frida discovers mindfulness during this trying period, and after her suspension is served she is frequently seen knitting.

Frida leaves Peach Creek High for good after making peace with her classmates, and travels to Svalbard in search of Alfheim.

Kill count


Frida seen moments before shooting Nazz in the knee, causing her to bleed out and die.

Season Kills Kill count
1 35 35
2 105 140
3 154 294
4 1 295
5 0 295
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