Get Ed is a unaired episode of Me and The Eds by Casimus Prime. It mixes EEnE with Get Smart.

Series Plot

The 4 major characters: Primewell Smart, Private Eddy, Professor Edd, and Dr HuckleEd try to do investigations and are silly at that. Dr HuckleEd uses the legendary Shoe Phone. Agent 11 is the leader of the pack. The setting is actually California. Every time the group successfully complete a misson, Agent 11 says "Once again the forces of virtue have triumphed over the forces of rotteness". Ed is usually asked by Eddy to break the 4th wall, but hits the screen and replys by answering his Shoe Phone and saying "I cracked it by that much". This is the 1st series done by Casimus Prime to have the "Audience Laugh" track.


Casimus Prime/ Primewell Smart oka Agent 11- The leader of the pack. He wears a tuxedo t-shirt with a press reporter's hat. He over Professor Edd has an actual "office" (unless ya count a cubicle as an office). Agent 11 once used the Shoe Phone when Dr HuckleEd went missing. He most commonly says some of the funny stuff.

Edd/ Professor Edd- The science freak of the gang. He also says funny thing (or at least gets them warmed up). He usually drives the Smartmobile (even though it's a Chevy Impala Covertible Hotrod).

Eddy/ Private Eddy- The dumbcracker. When spying on adults, he usually gets them caught blue handed (as said by Ed). He also uses a Shoe Phone. In a commercial for the complete DVD set, he is seen using the Shoe Phone.

Ed/ Dr. HuckleEd- The gadget-man of the team. He usually uses most of the gadgets built by Professor Edd. He is known for using the Shoe Phone. He stores it in a model of a telephone booth.


Primewell Smart- Once again the forces of virtue have triumped over the forces of rotteness.

Professor Edd- Prime, we've got company

Primewell Smart- Shield your eyes boys, this could get ugly. Oh wait it already did.

Private Eddy- They plan for toxic domination. They want the most inteligent minds and greatest leaders.

Primewell Smart- Well at least Optimus Prime is safe.

Dr. HuckleEd- Hang on, my shoe's ringing.

Private Eddy- The shoe say what?

Professor Edd- I'm calling someone who can really help us with this pickle we're in.

Primewell Smart- Yeah, I'm hungry too. Order from Fragetti's Italian Pizzeria they got good pizza.


  • Edd's codename "The Professor" is used.
  • Ed uses a Shoe Phone similar to the one in the original series.
  • Eddy uses a line from the original Get Smart series.