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Kevin is a character from the Ed, Edd n Eddy series on Cartoon Network. He is universally known as the antagonist of every fanfic of the Eds that has ever existed, and his actions are often unexplained and are often not reasoned. In many fan fics, Kevin is treated as the root of all evil, mainly because they think he beats the Eds to be mean. However, he does this because the Eds pretty much steal the kids money with illegal scams. Kevin is pretty much a hero on the kids side. However since so many people see it from the Eds point of view, Kevin is treated worse than Sarah or the Kankers, even going as far as murdering or raping people, which disrespects his character in a way (Born May 29, 2000)

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Aliases/Nicknames: Jock Boy
Square-Headed Jerk (by Eddy)


Teenie Weenie (by Edna for a reason that involves his obsession with the word "dork")

Age: 13 (Season 1 - 4) 15 (Season 5 - 6)
Credits: Jock
First Appearance: Ed Edd n Eddy Episode "The Ed-Touchables"


  • Mother: Elisabeth
  • Father: Dennis
  • Brother: Ercnard Sieghart
  • Sister: Mari Ming Onette
  • Grandfather: Thomas
  • Grandmother: Jenn
  • Great Grandfather: Grand Mage

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