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"Peach Creek (Web Series)"
Date written: November 2019 - Present
Writer: George Abingdon
Series: 1

Peach Creek is a fan-made adult web series, focusing on the final year of high school for the characters from Ed, Edd n Eddy. Designed as both a love letter and direct continuation of the show, Peach Creek is by fans, for fans.

Set in their final year of High School, life has changed so much for the Eds and the rest of the gang. Lives change and intermingle, people grow. The Eds come to realize that not everyone who you grow up with will be there in the future. Ed deals with his past and present; Edd begins to open up his boundaries; and Eddy has to come to terms with who he is.

12 episodes have been planned, and episode 1 is currently in production.

The teaser trailer for the show was released on September 18th.



Ed at 18 years old, still wearing the same jacket.

Now at the age of 18, Ed is still a bit slow at times, however his intelligence has improved a significant amount since Jr High. Occasionally will have a dumb moment, but usually is able to keep up with Eddy's train of thought.

Ed often acts without thinking, which, despite his innocence, can sometimes land him into trouble. He is also starting to drift from his family, whose favoritism of Sarah and mistreatment of Ed is slowly starting to crack the poor guy's soul.

Still into comic books, sci-fi and horror movies; he has since perfected his ability to play the flute - however, he keeps this secret.

Ed wears his signature green jacket, a yellowed stripy t-shirt, worn pants and some old brown boots.


Edd at 17. Smart, incredibly morally-conscious, a stickler for the rules.

With his parents away a lot, Edd has had to adapt to become very independent. He has an incredibly strict set of boundaries, which are often poked fun at by Eddy and Marie.

His neuroticism has subsided a bit, but he is diagnosed with OCD and moderate depression, and has to take Prozac regularly. His parents send him a monthly allowance, so he can afford groceries - however, as he can't drive, he has to plan very carefully, to avoid multiple bus trips.

Edd briefly dated Sarah (unbeknownst to Ed), but felt uncomfortable with the age gap, and ended things.

School for him has become very monotonous, and with his parents away so often, he has almost missed on the teenage rebellious phase. He has come close to cracking, but has yet to break.

Still donning his classic beanie, now updated slightly, no one besides Ed and Eddy know what's under it, but no one really cares anymore.

Edd also wears a reddish-orange sweater, navy jeans, and black sneakers. He will occasionally be seen wearing a grey Harrington jacket.


Eddy at 17. Sharp, snarky, loud.

The self-proclaimed leader of the Eds, Eddy is bold, loud, and has a snarky comment for everything & everyone. He's quick to give people nicknames (Ed 'Lumpy', Edd 'Sockhead'; Sarah 'Loudmouth'; Kevin 'Shovel-chin').

A lot of what Eddy is is a front. His huge narcissism stems from a horrible, abusive relationship with his brother, which his parents continually overlooked. Despite the events of the original series' finale, Eddy briefly went back into his old habits, causing a minor rift between he and his new friends. Despite the friendships returning, the scars have not healed - and some, such as Kevin and Jimmy, have distanced themselves from him.

Eddy still holds a crush on Nazz. However, as the self-professed 'ladies' man', he will go after anyone, just to feel accepted again.

Eddy wears a long-sleeved yellow jacket, light blue jeans, and red sneakers.


Lee Kanker at 18. Blunt, headstrong.

With their mother having left, Lee has had to step up and take over the matriarchal duties in the Kanker trailer. Still living in Park n Flush, Lee is working two jobs to try and keep all bills in check.

As a result of this, Lee has formed some unhealthy coping mechanisms - as well as smoking, she often turns to the bottle.

Lee is of the belief that family is everything. She doesn't want to lose her two sisters, and clings on to them dearly. This often leads to loud, screaming and near-violent arguments with Marie, who has become fiercely independent. May is often stuck in the middle.

Despite their ups and downs, Lee and Eddy have formed a somewhat steady kinship. Occasionally, at parties, they will drunkenly hook up, but never discuss the events afterwards. In public, they act disdainfully to one another.

Lee wears a polkadot top, a black leather jacket, blue jeans and black sneakers.


Marie Kanker, 17. Conniving, sarcastic, wry. A real charmer.

Snappy, quick to anger, and incredibly wry; Marie truly believes the world to be dog-eat-dog. With minimal respect to other people and their boundaries, she will often threaten violence if things don't go her way.

Marie has taken a part-time apprenticeship as an auto mechanic at Grey's Garage, near the road entrance to the junkyard. Now with a intermediate-expert knowledge of cars and mechanical components, Marie can fix common engine issues in a matter of minutes. Her big project is a restoration of a '69 Dodge Charger.

At Peach Creek High, she takes AP Art, but keeps this low-key to her sisters and peers. She's threatened to beat up students who try to spread this rumor. Unfortunately, her other grades aren't up to scratch, and her art college dreams are slowly being crushed.

Marie still has a major crush on Edd, but now instead of forcefully kissing him, she relishes flirting with him and making him uncomfortable.

Marie wears a black tank top, with a brown oversized suede jacket. She also wears worn black ripped jeans, and Dr Martens boots.


May Kanker, 16 years old. Unsure of herself.

The youngest of the Kanker sisters, May is still unsure of her place in life. With the people around her talking about the future colleges, careers and life goals; May is feeling overwhelmed.

May is performing above average at all her subjects, where she excels is chemistry - but it's not her passion.

Having said that, May tries to put herself together more than her sisters, and cares about her outward appearance. She will often scavenge thrift stores for clothes and jewellery.

May cares a lot about what other people think of her, and will be visibly upset if she is disliked. As she is a Kanker, the name attracts a certain reputation, one which she dislikes. As a result of this, she's started to drift from her two sisters, but will still go along with them in a group situation.

May typically wears a grey cropped hoodie, dark blue jeans and pink-red sneakers.


Jimmy, 15 years old. Kind on the outside, raging on the inside.

Sweet, outgoing and friendly, Jimmy harbors a dark, conniving side - thanks to training from Eddy (who he now actively dislikes). Confused about his sexuality, Jimmy believes himself to be in love with Sarah, but can't find any sexual attraction to her. Jimmy is hugely into fashion, and considers himself to be a cut above the rest.

He often sweet-talks his way into people's good books, and ensures he is portrayed as friendly, socially-progressive and polite. He will often bring in gifts and food for his classes.

Jimmy has an active hatred for all three Eds - in his book, he considers them a single 'entity' rather than three individuals. He will often go out of his way to inconvenience them, sometimes risking losing his faux personality.

Some can see through his persona, and are wary of his true intentions.

Jimmy wears a light blue turtleneck and light grey chinos, with white sneakers.


Sarah at 15. Spoilt, bossy, growing up isn't what she wanted.

The spoilt, bratty sister of Ed; Sarah is slowly coming to terms with the fact that she has had an incredibly privileged upbringing.

Still prone to snapping and fits of rage, she tries to now keep her anger at bay. Her parents still consider her as the princess who can do no wrong, and refuse to get her the anger management that she desperately needs. As a result, she is slowly starting to rebel - often graffiti-ing school property, smoking behind the bike sheds, and general mischief.

Underneath all this, she is incredibly insecure about herself. But she feels she's dug a hole too deep, and can't change who she is overnight.

Sarah wears a light blue blouse, navy jeans and pink shoes. She will sometimes wear a hairband, and loves the opportunity to dress up. Being prom queen would be a dream come true.


Jonny, sans Plank, 17.

Jonny has been MIA for a while, having left Peach Creek on a retreat with his parents. As such, his old house was sat vacant. He recently returned to Peach Creek, but everyone is unsure if he's moved back in to his old place, or is someplace new.

He now no longer has Plank, who is nowhere to be found. When asked about it, he gets incredibly uncomfortable.

Quiet, nervous and timid, Jonny has the ability to understand people's true intentions. As such, he has a strong aversion to people like Eddy and Jimmy.

Outside of school, Jonny works part-time at the local fast food joint on the grills, but doesn't speak a lot. When his shift ends, he doesn't stick around.


Rolf. 19. Puberty hit hard.

Held back a year due to language issues, Rolf is in his final year of High School. His English has improved dramatically, however he will often still slip into his old habits, and tends to waffle.

When asked about his home country, Rolf will not give a default answer, and describe multiple places, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and more. No one truly knows where he's from, but his charisma and charm ensure he's one of the more popular guys at school.

Due to his excessive work on the farm, Rolf has developed a huge upper body, and is incredibly burly. He's also incredibly proud of his beard, one he believes could rival his father's in years to come.

He's had some female attention, but due to cultural differences, his relationships do not last long.


Nazz at 18. Socially-conscious, intelligent, progressive.

Despite her dyslexia, Nazz is fiercely intelligent and incredibly progressive. She studies social sciences, AP psychology, AP law, as well as English literature and Spanish. Outside school, she loves to do yoga, however she often gets caught up in social and political causes, and will try to organise protests for things she doesn't know enough about.

Despite their arguing during the original series finale, she and Kevin do eventually get together. Over the past 5 years, they've had an on-again, off-again relationship. At one point, she did hook up with Eddy, but has tried to erase that memory from her mind.

Strongly left-leaning, she will often quiz her boyfriend Kevin on his views on socio-economic issues, and get frustrated at his ignorance.


Kevin, 18 years old. Likes bikes. A lot.

Pressured by his father to continue his football career, Kevin's true passions lies towards motorbikes and racing. A huge proponent for motorbikes to remain 'true', he often argues with Rolf over the best brands and whether they have soul.

His father did cave and bought him an old-school Harley as a gift. Kevin recently acquired his motorbike license, and drives his bike whenever he can. He often tinkers with it too much, and this can cause a rift between him and his girlfriend Nazz.

As a linebacker, his throwing skill is incredible, but he lost his passion for football a long time ago. Now, he does it purely to impress his dad. He has brought up his disinterest in the sport with his dad, but this was quickly shut down.

Kevin wears a green roll neck sweater, a navy blue harrington, and grey chinos, with white sneakers.

Episode List

Episode 1: Pulling the Rug
The Eds play cards in the van, Edd's life is monotonous.

Episode 2: May in October
May spots a familiar face boarding a bus.

Episode 3: Jalopy
The Eds go to Lemon Brook, Jimmy decides enough is enough.

Episode 4: Homeward Bound
Everyone has a coffee. Marie extends an olive branch.

Episode 5: Boxes and Books
Rolf reads a book, the Eds do some unpacking.

Episode 6: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Double D
Edd's past rears its ugly head.

Episode 7: Disjointed Amends
Eddy and Sarah have a brief conversation.

Episode 8: Baby Steps
Siblings reunite. Edd has a drink.

Episode 9: Haven't We All
Lee has a rough day.

Episode 10: Turn Over
The Eds fix the retro van, with some help.

Episode 11: A New Leaf
Two characters form a surprising friendship. Eddy decides to visit an old friend.

Episode 12: The Christmas Special
Christmas has reached Peach Creek. Ed needs to talk to Eddy.

Voice actors

  • Ed - Sean Goodrich
  • Edd - JoshBot
  • Eddy - LoopyGG
  • Lee - Wubcake
  • Marie - Wubcake
  • May - Courtney Goodrich
  • Jimmy - Noah Keawekane
  • Sarah - Samantha Rose
  • Kevin - Bryce Denton
  • Nazz - Rachel Rial
  • Rolf - Marlon Dunn
  • Jonny - Connor Cheely