Terminator: Ed-vation is a fanfiction that mixes The Terminator with EEnE.


The setting is no longer Peach Creek, Canada. Instead, the Eds are vacationing in LA, California. The trio are asked to test some go-karts for a new commercial being filmed. Edd realizes his cart has no brakes (Eddy I'm gonna die here). He crashes into a building and injures half of his body. At the hospital, the doctors are forced to do as Ed calls it "Cyborg Surgery". When Ed and Eddy enter to send thier love to their nearly lost friend(Ed wanted to send Edd a monster moive), they see that the left half of Edd's head is a robot skeleton. They look over to see that Edd also has a robotic right arm. He also has a robotic left leg. Ed and Eddy are shipped home. They start to worry about their friend. They contact Kevin to ask what is going on. He replys with not to tick him off or otherwise, thing can get chaotic (dun dun duh,DORK!). The next day, Edd comes home, and Sarah is Ticked as heck. She starts screaming at him that he let his brother travel alone. Edd shuts his eyes but when he opens them, they are glowing red. All of his artificial skin falls off and he is transformed into The Terminator. He dons a gattling gun and goes on a rampage. Ed and Eddy hide and try to run but Edd multiplies himself. The Eds try to snap him out of it. He tells them that he is no longer called Double D, now he is called Terminator Unit: EE-900. He attacks and the Eds try everything. The Eds try building weapons. Ed builds Chunky Puff Shoulder Guns, and Eddy builds a Marble Gattling Gun. They shoot him and in a few short moments he lies. All his skin grows back. He aplogies for his actions and wishes for forgiveness. The 2 forgive him and move on with thier lives.

New Weapons

Chunky Puff Shoulder Gun: A weapon built by Ed. They resemble tanks turrets and fire Chunky Puffs. They were destroyed when Terminator Unit: EE-900 blew them up with a gattling gun.

The Marble Gattling Gun: a weapon built by Eddy. It fires marbles out of 3 rotating turrets and was the only weapon the survived.


  • The name is a parody of Terminator Salvation.
  • Kevin is actually the Eds friend.. Kevin and Eddy protested about this.
  • Eddy breaks the fourth wall by saying "Why can't we jump through the screen into the real world". He jumps and acts as though he is hitting against glass.
  • This is the 1st time Edd is evil.
  • When Edd is the Terminator, he has a strong Arnold Swartznegger accent.
  • Edd's Terminator form is the T-800 as the Endoskeleton.