"The Chronicles of Captain Melonhead"
Date written: October 4, 2007
Writer: edward18
Link: [1]

The Chronicles of Captain Melonhead is a fanfic made by edward18 on the fic is currently on hiatus.

Exclusive Characters

These characters are exclusive to this fanfic (as of yet):

  • Slicer: the humanoid robot outcome of Kevin turning to the side of Professor Scam, eventually turned good and then stolen by Professor Scam again and transformed into a killer robot.
    Current status: being transformed.
  • The Hairless Hawker: a unknown hero from presumably Rolf's country (although he is most definitely not Rolf, based on current evidence anyway) his name should say it all... and a little more of the appearance.
    Current status: Unknown
  • Fruit shop dealer: Only made a cameo appearance when Captain Melonhead lost his mask.
    Current status: Still running his fruit stand
  • Robbers: Only made a cameo appearance when Captain Melonhead lost his mask, they oddly seem to look up to him.
    Current status: Broken Out of Jail and went missing
  • Scam drones: Robots under the employ of Professor Scam. They have cent symbols on them & wear black-ish capes (At least i think that's the color).
    Current status: Being built and then sent into battle
  • Colossal and Goliath drones: Upgraded versions of the Scam drones that don't wear capes, Colossal drones instead have a dollar sign emblem & Goliath drones don't have any monetary symbol of any kind on them.
    Current status: Being built and then sent into battle
  • Greg: Only mentioned by slicer, debated to be the true name of the author.
    Current status: Unknown
  • The Masked Bandits: presumably the Kankers (after acting like them and destroyed everything in there path and that there is three of them also that one acted just like Lee) have a K symbol on there masks and all ways get foiled by Captain Melon Head.
    Current status : Unknown

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