"Vampire Edd" is a nameless character that took over Edd's body after he died from a vampire attack. He was introduced in the fanfiction "How To Save A Life".

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The vampire.

The vampire has a docile side and an aggressive side. On the hunting grounds he is beyond reasoning and does not waste any words on his victims, while his docile side portrays him as a generally laid-back comedian.

He always plans ahead, thus hardly anything he does is a random act of violence. He can be very manipulative, but he usually trades that feature in for blatant honesty.
He doesn't care about befriending the other characters or contacting his congeners, as they are all strangers to him, and prefers to be alone. Even so, Ed and Eddy's persistence of looking him up intrigues him. While he doesn't like his time to be wasted, he sees the whole capture-and-chase between him and the two as a game. Besides messing with the characters' heads for fun, his life goals are unknown.

While the vampire did take over Edd's body, it is implied that the real Edd is still present. This he also told Sarah before his last capture, explaining the emotion in the illustration of her used in "How To Save A Life".


Design based on Highschool Edd

After the transformation Edd's body became rather bony, but also slightly more muscular around the chest area. His hair grew at least twice the original length, and part of the mullet is tied in a ponytail. Other features are his sharp nails and the dark rings around his eyes.
He wears a short black shirt and Edd's old, purple trousers.

Depending on his emotional state, he can either appear normal or mentally unstable.

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