"Walk School of Ed"
Date written: 2009
Writer: Yang the Hedgehog
Series: The New EDventures of Ed, Edd n Eddy
Fanfic No.: 008/009/010
Previous Fanfic: 3:10 to Edtown
Next Fanfic: Saturday in the Eds' Neighborhood

"Walk School of Ed" is a three-part fan-fiction episode of The New EDventures of Ed, Edd n Eddy, created by Yang the Hedgehog.


Part One

Peach Creek Jr. High goes on a school trip to the zoo. During the trip, everyone gets on the bus that is driven by Leo. Double-D tried to refuse an offering of an instrument by Rolf, Double-D tries to return it, but doesn't pay attention to Rolf because because Rolf is with Marie Kanker, so Double-D uses this instrument. When everyone fell asleep, the bus falls off a cliff and crash lands in a forest. Eddy then had an idea to arrange a hunting-styled game of Paintball. Everyone got involved in the game and some players even wore disguises to avoid being seen. Kevin and Lee Kanker began to shoot everyone and everything, including animals of truth. So Leo and Kyle to fix the bus as quickly as possible. Will they ever get on the bus and return to the city?

Eddy and Jonny laughing at some funny jokes they told to each other.

Part Two

The Eds have animals from the forest, Jonny and Plank disappeared, Nazz, Sarah and Jimmy, terrified, return to the bus, Rolf became a crazy hunter, then Kevin and Lee throw in all once again. The Eds, Liz and Jenny help Leo, Dick and Kyle to repair the bus, but everything goes wrong when Captain Melonhead appears and begins to attack, everything gets chaotic, Rolf delivers a blow behind Captain Melonhead's neck, knocking him unconscious. Eddy tried to unmask him, but Jenny already knew who he was. When the bus is repaired, Nazz, Sarah, Jimmy, May, Marie, and Kevin Lee disappear, forcing everyone to remain in the forest and look for them. During the confusion of this episode, the Paintball Hunt continues.

Part Three

The Eds, Jenny and Liz go into the forest to search for the lost kids, and take weapons to protect themselves from Paintballs during their search. Leo, Kyle and Dick get on the bus to protect themselves from animals. But the lost (Kevin and Lee) are nowhere to be found until they suddenly appear out of nowhere and shoot Paintballs at Eds and the girls. After much confusion, they all return to school without going on their trip to the zoo as planned.


  • It is unknown why paintball guns suddenly appear for this episode. But it is possible that Eddy or (someone else) had them stored away in a compartment or a bag, with their original purposes to make trouble, or they could also have been created by Edd on the spot.

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