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This is based of my experice with Ed Boys .


It was a regular night in the lab ; Sit on study table wait to be tested , Go to sleep. That was Xyamity's life all day every day . And since she could never die or be destoryed it was quite annoying. Some days she was so happy and hyper others she would act so mean and annoyed . Well, it was diffrent this time when she meet three 18 year old boys all unique in personality : The biggest of the group and the most perveted looking, Eddy. The smallest of the group and most innteligent looking, Edd or Double D. The medium sized of the group and the most stupid looking, Ed . 

What will happen with Xyamity and the Ed Boys ? 

Bitter Sweet 

Xyamity sits in her special room with her books reading and scanning them while she was being tested by her 'father', "Xya, you seem very distracted today your not on normal level. Is something bothering you ?" Xyamity hesitated she never liked talking about her feelings around her father it made thing very uncomfortable. "Uh, Father..." Xya never finished her sentence instead she leaned in closer and hugged her father."I'm okay really. I'm just not in a engergetic mood today." She let go of her father and gave him a rest assured smile. Her father believed her smiled and smiled back and went back to her daily testing. After the test all came positive negative, she was left to rest. After 5-8 hours of resting, Xyamity became restless, she tried to get as comfortable as she could but it never worked so she just got up and walked down the stairs to see her parents making love. Xya stared for some seconds and walked away. Seeing her parents "Do-It" really made Xyamity lonely she wished for a man or a humanoid that would hold her in his muscular arms. Giving her lustful glares or smirks. Xya blushed at the thought of it and threw it out of her head. She might have made her wish just come true . 

~Thank you for reading my fanfiction.  Part Two might be up tomrrow or later .

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